brow lifting

Brow Lifting — ready to lift your brow game to the next level?

freshly lifted eyebrows


Brow lifting (also known as brow lamination & brow glazing) is a semi-permanent treatment that uses what you have to get what you want – fuller brows by using the length of your own brow hairs to add instant volume to your eyebrows. brush up your brows & your brows will stay brushed up!


In a 45 minute 3 step process using a keratin-enriched formula, your eyebrow hairs will be encouraged to be brushed into a more uniform direction. This means curly, downward pointing & more stubborn brow hairs will be gently manipulated, leaving you with more control over your brows.  This will enable you to manage & style them as you wish – full out fluff or sleek & chic – without the addition of a brow gel or any other cosmetic brow product.  The treatment lasts up to 8 weeks and helps strengthen and nourish your brows at the same time thanks to the keratin & various vitamin &enriched formula. (FDA approved)

Brow Lifting is 100CHF & lasts up to 8 weeks. Frequency of Lifting procedures should not be sooner than every 8 weeks.

It is best to have your brows shaped at least a day or more before your Lifting service for best results.

Broken down, this treatment helps with the following:

*improves eyebrow fullness & fluffiness

*improves the direction of disorderly or criss-crossing rebel hairs

*improves the appearance of thin brows by creating an illusion of fuller brows

*helps to cover up brow scars or sparse areas

*gives the appearance of symmetry & definition

*helps to nourish & condition dry & brittle eyebrows

*eyebrows become more manageable & therefore easier to groom

*reduces the need for brow makeup

please grow your brows for at least 4 weeks before treatment & do not trim them. please also send me a picture of your brows once you have booked a Lifting appointment so we are sure the treatment will work well for your brows

Brow Lifting & Brow Tinting cannot be booked in the same appointment. Brows can only be tinted at least 48 hours after Brow Lifting & it is recommended that lifting is done prior to tinting.

An allergy patch test is required at least 72 hours prior to treatment

Lifting Precare & Aftercare:

grow your brows for at least 4 weeks before treatment & do not trim them

Lifting cannot be performed on clients who have had permanent makeup within the last 8 weeks, using Retinol, Roaccutane, suffer from very sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis

do not fake tan for at least 4 days prior to your lifting appointment

make sure there’s no oily residue lingering from tanning oils, facials, moisturisers, makeup or skincare products immediately before your appointment.

for the first 24 hours after Lifting, do not let your eyebrows get wet – this includes avoiding the gym or any kind of workout that will result in sweating for the first 24 hours after tinting, including the use of spas or saunas etc. do not touch your brows or sleep on them either.

use as little as possible of cleansing products on your brows.

do brush your brows gently every day and continue to use a conditioning oil like Castor Oil (unless you have also had them tinted, in which case do not use any oils).