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Different brow shapes will contour a different YOU so it’s really important to get them right! After seeing Eleni’s work, I knew I could put my brows in her hands and close my eyes trusting she’ll shape my brows only to compliment their natural shape! Fast forward one year and I was among the first to try her new brow-lifting service! And that’s such a gamechanger, brows looking amazing and the big bonus - it’s empowering, people notice and can’t look away, I mean it’s a lift in confidence🔥🔥🔥 Thank you Eleni!


I never knew the value of my brows until I met Eleni. I always overplucked or waxed them thin, constantly thinking of them as a nuisance, not an asset.  After one session with Eleni, I realised the potential of my eyebrows.  She showed me how my natural brow shape best complimented my features, and instructed me on how to keep them looking clean but full, using high quality but affordable products.  I couldn’t believe how much a full and well shaped brow could change my face!  Now I have been seeing her for over a year, and can’t imagine life, or my brows, without her!

Tanya Christensen

I am so glad that I found Eleni in the Lausanne area.  She does a great job every time; I’m always in awe of how great my eyebrows look when I leave her.  Eleni is always willing to teach me new tips and provide makeup recommendations when asked (such as what is a good quality, long lasting eyebrow filler).  With my busy schedule, she has always been flexible and accommodating with scheduling appointments.  I would recommend her to anyone!

Catherine Benton Padliya

After overbrowsing my eyebrows for a long period of time, I discovered Eleni, who was quick to identify how my eyebrows could grow and have a natural shape while giving it a clean look. We first tried the tint and shaping for a couple of years and now that my eyebrows have regrown into a more natural shape, we have tried the lifting, which gives a very clean and shaped look to a natural brow. I’m addicted!

Maira S.

Your flexibility towards your clients when needed and your cheerful spirit and small talks
all contribute to the experience.
And I’m not mentioning the brows, because they speak for themselves 😍

Rana H.

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