join the natural browvolution

I love to work with what Mother Nature gave you — whether you still have your full brows, or whether trends over the years have you lamenting over trend-influenced decisions. come join the natural browvolution movement & let me help you reclaim your real, natural & beautiful brows — uniquely your own. real beauty, real brows.

each browsing session is unique & tailored just for you.

with each 30 minute brow shaping appointment I offer:

eyebrow consultation which includes the assessment of client’s facial structure & discussion of the client’s brow goals, hair growth & regrowth plan

shaping & styling of eyebrows using a combination of gentle hot wax*, tweezers & brow scissors

enhance the new shape using specialist brow products — this includes giving clients a preview of how their new brow shape could look, once they have completed their brow regrowth journey

instruction & advice to help you achieve & maintain your custom brow

additional brow treatments are also available such as eyebrow tinting & lifting, as well as private browsing evenings with your girlfriends, or if you can’t make it in person, I also offer online browsing appointment.

the brow studio is also child friendly.

book your appointment now.

*the hot wax used is a specialist imported product specific for sensitive & delicate areas such as the face.