join the natural browvolution

I love to work with what Mother Nature gave you — whether you still have your full brows, or whether trends over the years have you lamenting over trend-influenced decisions. come join the natural browvolution movement & let me help you reclaim your real, natural & beautiful brows — uniquely your own.

eyebrow shaping & styling cost is 55CHF, with each appointment lasting up to 30 minutes.

each eyebrow styling session is unique & tailored just for you.

with each appointment I offer:

eyebrow consultation which includes the assessment of client’s facial structure & discussion of the client’s brow goals, hair growth & regrowth plan

shaping & styling of eyebrows using a combination of gentle hot wax*, tweezers & brow scissors

enhance the new shape using specialist brow products, including Anastasia Beverly Hills, Glossier & NYX amongst others — this includes giving you a preview of how your new brow shape could end up looking, once you have completed your brow regrowth strategy

instruction & advice to help you achieve & maintain your custom brow

eyebrow tinting is also available.  plant based & cruelty free, the tints used can be custom blended to achieve the perfect shade for you.

tinted brows normally last between 4-6 weeks depending on your hair growth, time spent in the sun and how much you wash your face. It will fade away naturally and you’ll barely notice it’s even happening. Then one day you’ll wake up and realise you want them done again!

tinting your brows will give you:

instantly fuller brows

no need to fill in your brows with pencil, pen, powder or pomade for weeks

no need to worry about your brows disappearing when you’re swimming or at the gym

more contrast is added to the face, therefore giving a more youthful appearance

tints all the really light or teeny hairs we normally can’t see giving more volume instantly

eyebrow tinting cost is 40CHF, with each appointment lasting up to 30 minutes.

( for a tint & shape appointment, you will require 1 hour)

Tinting Pre & Aftercare

An allergy test at least 72 hours before tinting is highly recommended. 

Don’t clean tinted brows for at least 12 hours after treatment. Use as little as possible of cleansing products. Oil-based skincare products and scrubs also will cause color to fade.

the environment is also child friendly.

upper lip wax is also available as an add-on service to your booking for an additional 15CHF.

give the gift of perfect brows — Gift Cards are also available for purchase. 

book your appointment now.

*the hot wax used is a specialist imported product specific for sensitive & delicate areas such as the face.